Inmate Training Materials

JMC Associates provides materials for educating inmates on the Prison Rape Elimination Act, New Mexico statute 30-9-11, the phases of sexual assault, and prevention strategies.  Materials are available in English and Spanish.

Security Assessments

Many facilities have "blind" spots inadvertently built into their design that may be used to stage an assault on an officer or inmate.  With extensive experience in jail monitoring, JMC Associates can evaluate your facility for the potential of assaults based on staffing patterns and the use of electronic monitoring systems.

Policy Development

Because many PREA standard require policy statements, JMC Associates can assist in developing policies that meet the requirements of the Prison Rape Elimination Act and contribute to the safe operation of the facility.

Staff Training Events

JMC Associates can provide PREA related training to your staff at your facility, including specialized training for investigators, medical staff, and mental health staff.

USDOJ Certified PREA Audits

JMC Associates can provide USDOJ certified PREA audits for adult prisons, jails, and commmunity confinement facilities using the most recent audit tools promulgated by the United States Department of Justice, providing assurance to the public that a facility is taking steps to prevent sexual assaults in custody.

Expert Witness Services and Rule 26 Reports

JMC Associates has produced Rule 26 Reports for Federal Court Cases and is experienced in providing expert witness testimony in civil rights cases and tort claims. 

Compliance File Development

JMC Associates can assist in the development of compliance files so that the facility can demonstrate compliance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act and avoid sanctions for non-compliance. 
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